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Memoirs of Mike: Part 2 – Dig In, We Got Incoming

June 18th, 2010

“Quiet on the set, rolling camera A, B, sound speed, mark it!” Slate cracks and two EXPLOSIONS ERUPT – cam B covers the action from a bloodied vehicle gun port and cam A ramps from real-time to slow-motion with the push of a button.


Memoirs of Mike: Part 1 – Prepare for Take-off

June 7th, 2010

The dust settles as production wraps.  It’s an entangled feeling of amazement and bittersweet excitement as the Project Arbiter team transitions from the battlefields of principal photography to the trenches of post production… The endless abyss of possibilities, yet there is light and its coming fast.

Hi everyone!  Mike Chance here – writer and director of Project Arbiter.  So many things to share with you, our fans…  Before I get ahead of myself and talk about where PA is headed, I want to share with you my experiences on set in …

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