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Jason Beckwith and the RED.

May 13th, 2010

Director of Photography, Jason Beckwith, operates his personal Red camera on Gaffer Ken Martini’s PD-1 dolly. Jason chose to purchase a Red Camera due to its high resolution, 12-bit color space, and Raw image workflow. Named ‘Celeste’, the Red camera provided the bulk of the footage shot for the short, with the additional B unit footage provided by Scott Miller and his Red named ‘Dunsmore’. Both cameras worked wonderfully through the entire production, with the only draw back being the well documented, lengthy boot time. Both cameras …

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Production kicks off for Project Arbiter Film: a genre bending WW2 adventure!

May 4th, 2010

Last weekend was the official start of production for Project Arbiter.

Project Arbiter Takes Flight – B-25 on location in San Martin, CA … p: Michele Beckwith

Soft morning light lit the San Martin airfield as crew began to arrive and greet each other. Before long the set was bustling with groggy eyes and bad bed hair clamoring for coffee and wheat bagels. We began to unload equipment and setup shop around the parked B-25. A beautiful plane, but very …

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Propaganda Strikes!

March 1st, 2010

The interweb is like a curious kid in an arid field and the only toy he or she has is a match.

Well on Friday, February 26, the match struck at 7:30 AM and the fire began to consume your web browsers around the world thanks to Analee Newitziz of

“The Alternate History of Gundam in WWII” headline was the spark and the community of Sci-Fi and Anime fanatics were the field.  You …

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Stay Connected

February 28th, 2010

Here is a list of hot spots online to help fulfill all of your Project Arbiter questions…


Want to see the 25 minute Project Arbiter short film?

Support the cause and donate now:



Interested in Project Arbiter’s Origins?

Learn more about the creators of the US Arbiter suit:

Michael Chance (Project Arbiter Creator – Writer / Director)

Robert Simons (Concept Artist)

Devin White and Adam Grumbo of Blue Realm Studios (Suit Fabrication)


What is Mischung 9?

Dive deeper into the mechanics of Project Arbiter:


Trailer has Landed

February 20th, 2010

Lights. Camera. Action! The official Project Arbiter trailer is available now on the Project Arbiter website.